Villians Of Everst

Bar Fight

Phil spoke with Anne at the Witches Roost and received a note.

[The artifact you seek is in the possession of the Church of Pelor
It is a blade of pure midnight.]

When moving to leave they found their passage blocked. The barbarian they had planned to join them, Arete, Turned out to be working with a Cleric of Pelor who had followed the group from Sentinel. He had come to avenge his teacher, and had recruited Arete, and a hunter the group had left for dead. After a long fight, Losvir charmed the barbarian into leaving, forcing the cleric to re-evaluate his position and cast a spell, disappearing.

The Villains of Everst
Adventure Log

Phil was approached by a messenger from his goddess Shar and instructed to gather his friends and speak with the local barkeep. After entering town he found his friends collected at the Witches Roost. After killing a local drunk for no apparent reason the group collected outside at their wagon.


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